Art and Culture of Balasore

Traditionally, Balasore is considered to have a rich protégé of both art and culture. A look into the history of this district, and one can view a culture that is strong rooted and art that depicts a lot of about this district. This coastal town is known for the splendid number of temples that it is surrounded by, and the richness observed in its culture and tradition. Diversity of beliefs and religions holds the culture of Balasore strongly. The regional offerings, as well as the deep rooted traditions in this region also form the basis of a strong culture in Balasore. Lastly, the variety of festivals celebrated, and unity observed in the district along the northern peak of Odisha is considered to be the main reason why people celebrate culture here. One can say that culture in Baleshwar literally translates to festivals, food and music.
Culture of Balasore

Art Specialty of Balasore

Lac holds a pretty special place in the history and culture of India, especially Balasore. One would find a special mention of this form of art in famous works like Mahabharat as well as poems of Kalidas. Alta, the famous form of cosmetic, has been created using lac. It was ritually applied along the lips and feet of women since ancient times. Lac was used up in filling up the gaps in gold ornaments especially the Lac bangles. For the Balasore women, Lac holds a special place in their ornaments that have a special place in their weddings and decoration. Lac is the creator of art specialties in Balasore. Lacquer art, as it is known, lights up this beautiful town of Balasore with a rich and amazing culture of art. It is very important to understand that lac art produces amazing products that are beautiful and resistant. One can create bangles and ornaments using lac art. Balasore people use lac art to create wooden boxes as well as bamboo boxes.

Craft of Balasore

Balasore owns Jaukandhei as an important part of its art specialty. The dolls that are decorated and presented to the audiences using lac art are basically known as Jaukandhei. Apart from lac, this doll uses fired clay and some beautiful colors. Lac dolls are an important part of the folk art of Orissa, especially Balasore. Lac dolls are an important part of the festivities and celebrations of Balasore.

Folk Culture of Balasore

One of the prime aspects of the folk culture of this town is the wedding ceremony of the lac doll couples which is known as Jaukandhei. Most children along the street celebrate the wedding of this lac doll couple. This wedding is generally celebrated as part of the culture to wish for wellbeing of friends, and neighbors. In general this celebration is conducted for peace and harmony among the different people and their cultures. Some people organize a wedding ceremony on a grand scale to celebrate the wedding of these lac doll couples. Sabari and Palinki are essential inclusions of the ceremony.

Dance Forms in Balasore

Apart from the lac art, Balasore is also known for the various coastal dance forms that do their rounds in this administrative town of Odisha. Some dance forms popular in Balasore are typically Odiya in nature while others are native to coastal Odisha areas. Chaiti Ghoda and Medha Nach are native to the coastal regions of Balasore. Chaiti Ghoda is a folk dance form that is typically popular among the fishing community of this region. The folk dance form is generally performed by the natives during the holy month of Chaitra, which takes on between the months March and April.

Dance Forms in Balasore

The whole dance form involves vibrancy, colors and rhythm. One would find music that creates an insubstantial atmosphere wherein one is departed to another land altogether. This dance form is generally performed during the festivals like Dussehra, Holi, Kali Puja, Navami and Sahi Yatra.

Beautiful Temples of Balasore

This district of Odisha is famous for the multiple Shiva temples it hosts. Apart from the Shiva temples, it is also known for Saktipitha at Bhudhar Chandi, Danda Kali of Khantapara, and Chandi Mandir at Khajureshwar. Sun Temples in Balasore Odisha is known for the beautiful stone carvings and the amazing culture it depicts. Most of the temples in this region hold a strong foothold on history, and the associated cultural importance. The two Jagannath temples of this region, situated along the heart of this location, unfurl the culture of this region.

Languages and Religions in Balasore

The main spoken language of the Balasore region is Oriya. Maximum people communicate in Oriya. The other language that is spoken majorly in this district is Bhunjia. In this part of Odisha you can find followers of all the major religions residing together under one roof of this district harmoniously. Hint of existence of Buddhism in this district can be found in the copper coins found here as well as the collection of statues of Lord Buddha observed in this region. Together, the people belonging to all these religions, celebrate the various festivals, native and otherwise. One can find people celebrating with pomp and joy Durga Ashtami, Kali Puja, Megh Mela, etc. in this region of Odisha.

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