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Tourist Spots in Balasore

Balasore, the beach front town of Odisha is famous for Chandipur Seashore as well as some of the superb temples. Balasore is situated nearby the resort range and because of this the sea shores are usually associated with this community. The local people of Balasore are involved in producing, fishing as well as travel for sustenance. There are several temples in this city of sand, Balasore, most of which are the ancient and also have lovely architectural mastery.

Travel destinations in Balasore

The principle points of interest of Balasore include temples, historical spots like tombs, palaces, hills as well as seashores. A lot of the historical temples of Balasore of which some of the famous ones are the Gopinatha Temple, Lagula Narasimha Dev as well as Biranchinarayan Temple. These three temples complete a trio and are also in 3 different directions from the location of Baleshewar. They are believed to be the defender of Balasore from all the directions. Chandipur beach front provides numerous hotels as well as motels services to the travelers where they can a stay throughout their journey as well as enjoy the vacation.

There is also a tomb of Sufi Saint is located at Balasore which is famous as well as lures in numerous pilgrims from all over India. Balasore is a beach front and hence the weather on this spot commonly remains breezy. Best months to visit this place are from September-March.
Tourist Spots in Balasore

Beaches of Balasore

Chandipur Beach: Located on the seaside spot of Bay of Bengal Chandipur is a well-known marine resort because of its very long trivial beaches. It is believed that the Chandipur beach is probably the distinctive seashore where tides comes merely a number of periods only, and these are the predetermined time periods. Based at around thirty kilometer on the south-west of Chandipur, Panchalingeshwar is a beautiful Temple situated on the peak of a hill. It is a religious place that features a legend associated with it, which states that which the Lord Shiva there cannot be observed there, rather, one has to feel through by touching the idol made of bronze that's underneath the water. Many people visit Chandipur in order to relax and have a time out of their busy life. The area of Chandipur is surrounded by the pine and pine and coconut trees which makes the scenic view of the beach much more amazing.

Tourists from various corners of the country visit this here to loosen up and to have relax in the calm beach. The beach is surrounded by pine and coconut trees which make the green coast line very beautiful. Dazzling sand attracts several tourists to get relaxed on the beach of Chandipur. Severla food stalls can be found serving delicious food to the visitors. The sand-dunes green with wild creepers and the casuarinas whistling with the breeze create a fantastic moment for a visitor absorbed in observing the play of the tide.

Kharasahapur Beach: Kharasahapur is one of the coastal villages of Balasore located at a distance of around 36 km from the main town of Balasore. Located near the temple of Mangla the sea beach is an amazing place to visit. It is believed that tourists visiting the beach have to visit the temple. The serene view of blue view of Bay of Bengal enriched with calm and tranquil atmosphere attracts hundreds of tourists all around the year from different corners of the state. The Fishing Jetty is yet another attraction of tourists which is located at a distance of a kilometer from the beach of Kharasahpur. It is one of the favorite picnic spots of the people of Balasore and theis also provide the service of motor boats.

Chawmukh and Dagara: The two most famous beaches of Balasore are the beach of Chawmukh and Dagara located at the villages in the block of Baliapal of Balasore district. The extended curls of the silvery sands and the red crabs are also some of the special attractions of these lovely beaches. The fishing facility is also available by using the speed and motor boats. The serene atmosphere of the beach invites a lot of tourist to visit this place repeatedly.

Talasari Beach: Located at a distance of around three kilometers from the Chandanswar, Talsari beach is yet another attraction for the tourists visiting the district of Balasore. The shining glory of the beach can be noticed during the sunset and also during the sunrise. Talsari is located at a distance of 92 km from the main city of Baleswar. The scenic landscape of Talsari is surrounded by the casuarinas groves that relaxes the minds of tourists and take them to a beautiful world. Travellin in Jeep along the Talsari beach till the City of Digha, located in West Bengal is said to be one of the rewarding experiences.

Temples of Balasore

Khirochora Gopinath Temple at Remuna: Remuna is a small town located at a distance of 9 km from Balasore. It was the seat of Vaishnawite Culture for several centuries and there exists the Khirochora Gopinath Temple. It is believed that Madhabendra Puri, the guru of Shri Chaitanya visited Remuna along with his sisya Shri Chaitanya and both of them worshiped Khirochora Gopinath. Today thousands of devotees gather daily for the sacred Darshan of the Lord Khirochora Gopinath. The specially prepared milk is the distributed among the devotees as it is the most delicious Prasad of the temple. Remuna is a portion of Brindaban in Odisha. The name of Remuna is a result of the word Ramaniya which means very good looking.

It is one of the most historic places of Balasore located at a distance of around 30 km from the city of Balasore and which is believed to be a military base of ex-rulers of Nilgiri state. The temple of goddess ‘Barachandi’ is the main attraction of Sajangarh. On the walls and boundaries of the temple of Goddess Barachandi, the beautiful stone works have been done so elegantly which depicts the face of the gods and goddess.

Pancha Lingeswar: One of the religious places of Balasore, Pancha Lingeswar, is known for its connections with the mythology. Pancha Lingeswar is famous temple for Saivasim. This place is surrounded by small hills and hence attracts lot of tourists and devotees throughout the year. A permanent current of natural springs flows right below these hillocks which lead to the five sacred stones known as lingams which are believed to be a disguise of Lord Shiva and are worshipped by thousands of devotees. Many pilgrims from neighboring cities visit this place and lots of tourists come to see these sacred stones.

This place is named after the name of five lingams which is Panchlingeshwar. The location of the temple by the side of river Parvati too creates a scenic beauty and makes another attraction of the place. Ensconced in the verdant environs of Nilagiri, the five lingams at Panchalingeswar, the revered venue for numerous devotees, are bathed by the iridescent and sparkling waters of a perennial stream. Legend has it that these lingams were installed in this beautiful abode by King Banasura himself. It is a place 32 km from Balasore on hill top surrounded with beauty of woods and choice of nature lovers and deep thinkers. Accommodation is also available here by the Orissa Tourism Department's

Historical Places of Balasore

Chandaneswar: The holy shrine of Lord Chandaneshwar is located at the Chandaneshwar which is situated at a distance of 93km from Balasore. The place is known for the unique sight for which devotees from all over the state visit this holy place. The festivals of Chandaka Mela are one of the famous festivals of the region which is attended by thousands of devotees and tourists visiting the place.

Kupari: One of the famous Surya Mandap located at the Kupari village which is around 66 km from Balasore. It is also famous for the Ambika temple located near the village of Kupari. Several ruins of Buddhism are found on the river bank of the Kupari which flows near the village.

Inchudi: Situated at a distance of 22 Km from Balasore Inchudi is famous for the Labana Satyagraha held in 1930 under the leadership of Binod kanungo, Jeebramjee Kothari, Rama Devi and Dr. H.K. Mahatab. Smruti sthambha at Incudi is a mark of sacrifice of the then freedom fighters.

Srijang: Located near the Inchudi, Srijang is one of the lage villages of Balasore located at a distance of 20km. The village of Srijang is famous for the civil Disobedience movement that took place in the year 1921 against the British rule. The ancestors of this village are believed to be the ones who took active part in the movement under the leadership of Gurucharan Dash and they also actively joined the salt Movement. People of this village were first in the country who opposed the Choukidari taxes, in the movement lead by Gurucharan Das and Bidyadhar Ratha. Several tortures by Britishers were being enacted on the people of this village for the movement and this evoked country wide protest. Villagers constructed the Smruti sthambha at the village and a under construction Museum is also being established which is dedicated to freedom struggle.

Bhusendeswar: Shri Shri Bhusendesear Mahadev is believed to be one of the spiritual Gods of the people of northern Balasore. A huge lingam of Lord Shiva is being established at the Bhusandeswar and it is one of the famous Pilgrimage spot as well as a tourist spot of balasore. Bhusendeswar is situated on a river side of Subarnarekha River of Balasore. The structure of the lingam is about 12 feet, 6inches long and it is 14 feet broad. The area covered by the lingam is about 36 feet. People do not generally believe about the structure of the lingam unless they visit the temple.

Niligiri: Located at a distance of 22km nilgiri is one of the amazing landscapes of Balasore. It is one of the historical places that were once the kingdom of several provinces. There is a huge palace located at Nilgiri which is believed to be of 400 years old. A famous Kuldhia elephant sanctuary along with the temple of Lord Jagannath is also some of the attractions of Nilgiri. The famous Panchalingeshwar is situated at around 10 km from Nilgiri.
Nearby Tourist Spots of Balasore

Similipal: Similipal is one of the worlds famous Wildlife Sanctuary situated at a distance of 97 km from Balasore. It is spread over an area of around 2750 sq km. It is a large extended green forest which has been a home to several species of the world. Many tiger projects have been initiated here in collaboration with the government of Odisha. It is one of the famous tiger reservoirs of India. Not just the tigers the Sanctuary also have several breed of other animals such as elephants, Leopards, deer, crocodiles and many other such wild animals. More than 240 species of breed can be seen at Similipal that includes the talking myna, peacocks and several other such beautiful creation of nature. The forest of similipal is also known for the Sal trees which have a great expansion over the entire region of similipal. There are also several waterfalls and unique orchids that are also some of the major attractions of the Similipal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Deokund: It is an enchanting place with a series of waterfalls and a Sakti shrine. It is surrounded by green forests & hills. The place commands a panoramic view of nature and ideal for the picnickers.

Aradi: Aradi is holy shrine of Lord Akhandalamani (Shive) located at a distance of around 53 km from Bhadrak and 110 km from Balasore. It is one of the amazing tourist spots located right on the bank of river Baitarani. Thousands of tourist and pilgrims visit this holy shrine and worship here. It is believed that the place offers a spiritual peacefulness and also renders a freshness from the daily routine, hence this has also turned out to be a picnic spot of balasore and Bhadrak.

Kuldiha Wild Life Sanctuary:
Spread over an area of around 300 sq km Kulidha Wild life sanctuary is located at the centre of the Kulidha forests. It is a home to several rare species of animal and birds along with the reptiles. Indian wild dog ‘Dhole' which is one of the wildest yet endangered species can be seen here in abundance. The jeep safari is said to be the best for the journey inside the sanctuary.

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