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Talasari Beach in Balasore

The calm waters of Talasari beach enhance the beauty of Balasore district in Odisha. This beach lies along the north eastern coast of India.  The word Talasari is a beautiful combination of two words Tala (Palm) and Sari/Sarani (row).  Talasari literally translates into rhythm of the sea waves wherein Tala also means rhythm. The amazing part of this beach is not just the calm waters, but the beautiful palm trees that lavish its surroundings. It is located at the place where Subarnarekha River meets the Bay of Bengal, along the border of Odisha and West Bengal.

Beaches in Balasore

About Talasari in Balasore

Talasari is known for the famous beach that surrounds and beautifies it. But, apart from that it is also known for the plush green paddy fields, the blue hills decorating the greens, and the wide rivers that flow alongside this region. The mixed bag of colors makes the place vibrant and beautiful.
If one goes to the beach, one would see a wide range of trees right from coconut trees, to palm trees to casuarinas. The shade and the beauty of these trees enhance the region.

The last beach along this district’s region is Udaipur beach. Unknown to the world, this landscape of beach is less exploited by the tourists. The calm waters flowing along this beach are beautiful yet personified as a stranger to the world of tourists. One should ideally go just to watch the sun’s movements along the shadows of water. One would never want to leave and go back to the real world after witnessing the sun and the white sand playing with each other in this beautiful place.

Major Attractions of Talasari in Balasore

The trees that surround this beach make up for the major attractions along Talasari. Tall palm trees accompanied by cashew trees that lie in the laps of the sand along this beach are ideal attractions in this region.  If one visits this region in February, one would be swept by the vibrant colors of the red and orange flowers that appear on these plants. One would even see red crabs surrounding this beach.
Sand dunes decorate the beach side of this place. One can only find calm waters, swaying trees and their solitude accompanying them on the beach. Except for the sounds of the waves made by the sea, there would be no other sound. One will not find any shops or hawkers settling around burning the peace and calm of the ocean.

There is the Subarnarekha River at a close distance from the Talasari beach. This river is worth a visit in case one is visiting Talasari. There are some major attractions that are within a few kms of the Talasari beach. One should always pay a visit to these places when at Talasari.

The Science Center, where one would see a variety of science related mechanisms practically shown, is about 5.6km from Talasari beach. It is one of the chief attractions within Digha district, and hardly a few kms from the beach. For a wildlife lover, the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary is worth a visit. It is about 4.2km from Talasari. One can spot the wilds uncaged and tamed within the purview of one’s territory in this region. About 6km from Talasari beach is the New Digha Beach which is another well-known and beautiful beach. One can even find themselves in the close vicinity of Amarabati Lake when at Digha Beach. If one is visiting Talasari, one should not miss out on the calm waters offered by Digha. The whole visit will definitely pay off.

Marine Aquarium is another major attraction of this region. Here the marine life is given out for public view as well as used to research upon. When at Talasari, apart from all these major attractions, one cannot miss out on Lankeshwari Temple which is at a distance of 8 km and Chandaneshwar Temple which is at a distance of about 1.6km from the beach. A visit to these temples will make the day divine and peaceful.

Ideal Time to Visit Talasari in Balasore

While beaches are known to make an ideal vacation spot during summers, this place and its calm waters invite you throughout the year. Understanding the geography of this region along with the climatic condition it serves is very important when deciding the best time to visit Talasari.
Geographically the beach place is situated somewhere along 21035’48” Latitude north and 87027’17” Longitude east. The average rainfall that this region receives during the Odisha monsoons is about 156.84 cms. The temperatures around Summer reach the peak 0f 400 C while in winters the temperature goes as low as 140 C.

If one is looking to witness the sunrise and sunset lounging itself along the white sands, an experiential moment, then one should ideally visit the beach just before the summers begin when the wind is cool and the sun is pretty decently in view. One should remember that despite such varying temperatures across season, this place enjoys a tropical climate like most beach places, so visiting it at any point would be ideal. Adventure lovers should surely avoid the beach during monsoons as the adventure sports are halted during this time.

Ideal Things to do at Talasari Beach of Balasore

Catching crabs when at the Talasari beach is a major attraction for the tourists visiting this place. Apart from that one should go for a stroll along the beach early on in the morning to enjoy the breeze, the sands on the beach and the sun rising over the beach. Adventure lovers should sport the variety of adventure sports provided on this beach. For those who want to have a calm and peaceful weekend there is nothing like fishing in the waters of this sea. Do not miss out on the moon rise either. The shine of white along the dark of the sea is a splendid view indeed! The waves also appear to be picturesque at this moment in time. Have fresh coconut water along the outside of the beach. It is surely rejuvenating.

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