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Food in Balasore

Balasore is one of the prominent cities of Odisha. As is known about the people of Odisha in general, food is pretty conservative and traditional, and also one of the most prominent parts of the culture of Odisha. Balasore is no different when it comes to food and food habits. One can see that apart from traditional Odiya dishes, there are some amazing dishes and flavors that are typical to Balasore.  In many ways the food in Balasore resurrects the taste buds.

Food in Balasore

Popular Dishes of Balasore

Balasore is popular for Chandipur beach. If one visits the town, one gets a hint of sea flavors in this region right from the primary mode of occupation to the way people settle. Even the food in this region has major flavors of sea in it. No wonder they are authentic and tasty making the mouth crave for more.

Sea food is culturally centric to this region of Odisha which is located along the banks of a sea. One would find great many popular sea food dishes that are served when they go and ask for local food. Here are some varieties that would definitely make many want to go to Balasore immediately.

Machha Ghanta

While this dish is savored by many, there are different names used to address this popular dish of Balasore. The names Chhincheda and Chhencheda are also names used to address this popular fish dish. Ghanta, pronounced as Ghaanta, literally translates to mixed. Mudhi Ghanta, is the version of Machha Ghanta which has some fried rice added to it. A whole lot of vegetables are added along with fish to prepare this dish. It is one of the famous dishes in Odiya weddings too. The best part of this dish is that it uses fish heads, which is quite unpopular in other fish dishes. A sea food lover should definitely try out this dish. This dish is quite popular and necessary during Ashtami.

Machha Besra

Being a famous sea town of Odisha, sea food varieties are high in this region. One would see great many fish dishes available as part of this region. Machha Besra is just another dish that is famous for this region. This dish is a typical Odiyan fish dish that is cooked using mustard sauce. The taste and aroma reflect rich mustard sauce, the use of which makes the whole food pleasant in taste. It is a fried fish variety that is mixed with tomatoes to form gravy. This dish tastes best when served with rice. Curd and mustard paste added to this dish adds flavor and color to the whole dish.

Chuna Machha Khata

This is just another variant of a regular fish curry. This is basically a small fish curry. The important ingredient covering this curry is mustard paste that not just adds flavor but enhances the taste and color of the whole dish. When one wants to have steamed rice or boiled rice, one should try cooking Chuna Machha Khata, and serve it hot with rice. It can be had with rotis too. The dish is specifically one that non veg lovers should indulge in.

Popular Desserts in Balasore

Apart from sea food and rich cultural dishes, one should also try their hands at sweets offered by Balasore. This town is basically famous for the delicious rasgullas. Served hot, these rasgullas add sweetness to the taste buds. Pantuas is another popular dessert of this region. Pantuas are basically gulab jamuns, which are fried a bit deeper than the normal ones. Chenna Poda is basically cheese that is fried or burnt in sugar. This is a famous dessert in Balasore. One just cannot leave this town without have tried it. This would be a little more expensive compared to the regular desserts available in this town. This dish is served by weight, but it is a definite try.

Restaurants and Sweet Shops in Balasore

If one wants to try some authentic flavors of steamed fish one should visit Hotel Meridian in Balasore. The taste buds will be left craving for more. It is a definite finger licking experience. For coffee, one should visit Mega Bites which is near Chandipur beach. Authentic mutton is served at hotel Hariplaza in Balasore. They cook the mutton or goat in earthen pots and serve it with arwa rice which is typically Odiya in flavors. The famous sweet shops in Balasore are Mahi Rasagolla and Jagadathri sweets. Mahi Rasagolla, as the name suggests is known for its rasagullas while Jagadathri is known for the Pantuas. One can also try Chakadola sweets in Balasore market for rasgullas that are rich in cow’s milk and delicious too.

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