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Entertainment in Balasore

Entertainment is important to any culture. Balasore, the coastal district of Odisha located to the northern peak of the state, holds importance as a cultural, traditional and administrative district of the state. One can see a lot of temples foot holding the culture of this city. Folk dances as well as music hold the ropes of entertainment clutched tightly to their hands. Festivals are the times when this city lures people from across the globe. But, the folk culture and the festivities are not the only channels of entertainment available in this city. Movies, cultural destinations as well as other channels form the entertainment modes in this beautiful coastal district of Balasore.

Cinema Halls in Balasore

Cinema Halls in Balasore

It is an experiential moment when you can watch a movie in a cinema theatre. Imagine capturing the moments on the big screen. Doesn’t it feel wonderful? For people of Balasore this does not seem to be an issue with the wide number of cinema houses that house Oriya as well as Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The beauty of gaining access to entertainment in a cinema house cannot be replaced by any other mode. Here are a few cinema houses that are famous in Balasore District.

Balasore Talkies
Mudi Ganj, Balasore: 756001
Ph: 9861616561

MovieEx Cinema
Maa Ambica Enterprises, O.T. Road, Balasore: 756003
Ph: 9438749825

Ganesh Talkies
Basanti Paria, Jaleswar, Balasore: 756032
Ph: 9937273917

Partha Sarathi Talkies
Near Corporation Bank, Soro, Balasore: 756045
Ph: 9437038889

Picnicking in Parks of Balasore

Parks are nature’s ways of celebrating good times. Sand city, the other name for Balasore, depicts the presence of sand along this entire district and the coastal ways in which it incorporates itself. Parks can also be called the major entertainment channels routed in this beautiful city of Balasore. One such beautiful park along Gandhi Smruti Bhavan in Balasore is the sand park. This is one of the several reasons why the city of Balasore is called sand city.

The sand art, traditional to Odisha, is depicted beautifully along this park. One should ideally pay a visit to this park just to breathe in the beauty of sand art and the energy created along for entertainment. This is not the only park present in Balasore. Bhagajatin park at Phuladi is another park that provides an amazing tunnel for entertainment in Balasore. Apart from this park, there are a few children’s park present in Balasore that are ideal for visiting when you are with your family. Gopabandhu park, RLY Children Park and Children Park Balasore are the children entertainment zones present in this town. Apart from this, there is the municipal garden in Balasore which acts as the perfect entertainment zone for the city.

It is where one can spend afternoons and evenings with family.

Visit to the Beaches of Balasore

As it is already known, Balasore is a coastal district. This clearly specifies the presence of beaches in this area. The two famous beaches that have managed to create a beautiful name for this town are Chandipur beach and Talsari beach. Both these beaches are located in the vicinity of Balasore district, and have made it the coastal district of Odisha. Talasari is about 88km from Balasore, and one of the best oceanic trips from Balasore. It is about 3km from the shrine of Lord Chandaneshwar. The sprinkling waters, and the white sand send across an exhilarating experience to the onlookers. A day in this water is a fantastic way to celebrate family time out.

The other beach in Balasore is the Chandipur beach. It has been renowned as one of the finest beaches across the country. This beach depicts calm waters that recede five kms offshore. The presence of sand dunes along the shores makes this place the best possible beach in the town of Balasore. The presence of tall palm trees grooved along with the presence of coconut trees in the beach sands causes a calm look in this place. One should visit these beaches when one places a visit to Balasore district.

Visit to Cultural Destinations of Balasore

Every district gives out some cultural destinations which must be included in the itinerary of the trip. Temples form an important part of the Balasore district. Panchalingeshwar temple which is about 30 km from Balasore should be visited on your trip to Balasore. It is one of the most ideal destinations considering it can be converted into a family picnic. The thick green spot covering this destination makes it apt for a family visit.

Bhujakia Pir is another cultural destination of this land that one must visit when visiting Balasore. It is the tomb of a Sufi saint Aasthana Sharif Hazrat Pir who was known to the world as Bhujakia Pir. It symbolizes the harmony of two different religions, the Hindu and Muslim. Just to view this harmonious encounter, one should visit this tomb.

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